Swing on Your Swing

Sarah's Song, Swing on Your Swing was written in pieces over a number of years after experiencing the passing of two of her grandparents. This video was shot at her great, great grandparents' family farm in rural Nova Scotia.

Night Time

Written about friends, music making, and magical summer nights, Sarah sings about her home in the Annapolis Valley, NS. One of her older songs featured on her first album, this live version was captured in 2009.

Test of Time/I Know a Woman

Test of Time, perhaps even more often referred to as I know a Woman, was written for the parent figures in Sarah's life. It is featured on her acoustic album, It's About Time, released in 2009.

Ember's Song

Written when she first found out that she was pregnant, this is the song that her eldest daughter, Ember, was named after. This song can be found produced very similarly on her second album, Capacity. This song was the only acoustic song on the album, created as a nod towards the acoustic style of her first album.

Round and Round

One of Sarah's newer tunes, Round and Round features her unique style of playing and fluid melody lines. Filmed in the fall of 2015, Sarah sings about the complicated experience of overanalyzing past relationships and the journey towards forgiveness.

45 Umbrellas

45 Umbrellas is the first song on Sarah's second album, Capacity. On the album, it is slightly different from this; with jazzy instrumentation featuring the soprano saxophone. This is Sarah performing this song live for the very first time.

Not Fire, Not Ice

When Sarah was in high school she suffered from vocal nodules and after having surgery, as she recovered she was not allowed to talk or sing, she threw herself into learning new songs on the guitar. Ben Harper and his slower guitar songs were some of her favourites.

Dancing in the Street/Cut the Cake

Sarah loves singing with Bluesmobile.ca and is featured in this full band cover of Dancing in the Street. Bluesmobile is a 15 piece dance band, located in the Annapolis Valley, NS. She is their female singer and is thrilled to sing with such a talented group of musicians.
A special thank you goes out to CHELSEA YEATON and SHARI TUCKER for all the new photos